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Welcome to Express 100 & Pest Control


Express 100 & Pest Control offers the area's most thorough and comprehensive pest control service.  Meticulous care is taken when diagnosing your property and the best course of action is then implemented.  From the interior of your home to it's exterior, to your lawn and garden, Express 100 & Pest Control is easily your best choice.  We have unsurpassed success in keeping pests under control and out of your home.roach

Our technicians are fully licensed and draw from their years of experience to professionally protect your home.  We use only the finest, most effective products to ensure your family's safety.  No lingering odors or residue and we guarantee our work!

Call us today for more information!  843-650-3849

New Termite Detection System

tds4Express 100 & Pest Control has the only Termite Detection System along the Grand Strand.  It consists of a carbon dioxide (C02) portable detector attached to an air pump, which is combined with a filtered probe.  The probe can be used to pierce the sheet rock wall on the inside of a building and the air pump draws out an air sample that is passed to the carbon dioxide detector.  A passive reading is taken in the house first and used as a calibration.  Any increase above the control reading indicates an active termite infestion. 

The new carbon dioxide Termite Detector now uses an innovative infra-red absorbtion sensing cell in the detection process.  This cell is much more sensitive than the older technology and give instant indications of termites.  No more waiting for a reading.

Call us today for a termite inspection on your property at 843-650-3849.


Watch it in action here...